Yoga Classes & KiRTan 

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patrick mcandrew yoga and music

Patrick McAndrew ("Yogi P") is a yoga teacher, singer, comedian and multi-instrumentalist. He teaches practical yoga to relieve pain and reduce stress. He believes there is a living effulgence in all beings. He shares his love of life through music and movement.


"Playful and eclectic, like Krishna Das meets Jerry Garcia on a balmy and easy tropical retreat!" 

-Amy Winkler

Patrick's Drop-in Yoga Classes:

​De-Stress Yoga, Aug. 10, 7:30-8:30 pm


Kirtan with Yogi P:

Aug. 11 6:15 at Evolution PT & Yoga

Sep. 8, 11:00 am at Bhakti Fest West

Listen free on Soundcloud here.