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The Yogi P Story

 Patrick McAndrew's world changed when he experienced his essential nature through meditating in the lineage of Nityananda ("forever in bliss") at age seventeen. Devotionally exploring the interconnectedness of everything, he became a regular at yoga classes in New York City while earning his diploma in Theater at The LaGuardia High School of Performing Arts. He came to Vermont to study Music at Goddard College and taught yoga and meditation to his peers. Celebrating ten years of practice, he was certified as a Yoga Teacher at Kripalu in June 2007. At this time, his love of music began integrating with his yoga practice and Patrick began leading Kirtan, call and response ecstatic chanting, satisfying a life-long goal of creating celebration and community through music. In 2010, he had the privilege of traveling to India, experiencing yoga at an even deeper level, on the beach in Puri, at the Kumbh Mela in Haridwar, and the Neem Karoli Baba Ashram in Vrindavan. 
 A certified Kripalu teacher and faculty assistant, Patrick can often be seen sipping coconut water in the cafe or strumming his ukulele outside at Kripalu Center. When he's not traveling, Patrick makes his home in beautiful Burlington, Vermont, where he continues to teach locally at Evolution Physical Therapy & Yoga, Laughing River Yoga, and the Burlington Yoga Conference. Patrick, "Yogi P", leads Kirtan jams both on and off the mat. These devotional, transformational events are an inclusive practice that encourages all participants to release their inhibitions and sing from the highest reaches of their souls. Patrick sings and plays guitar with his own jam-fusion Kirtan band, Yogi P & The Funky Shanti, and has performed with Kirtan luminaries like Shyamdas, Jai Uttal, C.C. White, Dave Stringer, Gurunam Singh, and Devadas.

"Patrick McAndrew's bright spirit and amazing voice move me beyond words. Patrick's heart is in every chant, and his beautiful energy and soulful gift will get you up and dancing!" 

C.C. White, Soul Kirtan

"Patrick is pure joy. He is a gift to the yoga world. Everyone needs to experience Yogi P, whether it's his yoga classes, his voice, his laugh, or just a chance to get a hug from him."

​-Coby Kozlowski, Inspired Living 

"Yogi P brought life to the yoga mat for me."

–  Kelli Harrington, ZenSpot, Inc.

​"The first Kirtan I went to was one that Patrick led with his beautiful harmonic voice. His vibrance and warmth filled my heart as his love for life came through every note!"

- Christene Berg, Bucksport, ME

"Yogi Patrick has a down-to-earth nature coupled with a sense of spirit that is out of this world. His authentic charisma is heartwarmingly divine. Not to mention, he's tons of fun!"

"Like a modern male incarnation of Saraswati, the Hindu Goddess of Music and Knowledge!"

- C. Jane Taylor

"Practice with Patrick is a trip to that happy place - filled with  childlike wonder, gratitude and Aloha."

- Denise Slusser

"Patrick McAndrew has the ability to make one feel welcomed just by the virtue of his being. His self acceptance and awareness make it a truly warm and spiritual place to practice." 

- Peter O'Connor Sgt. USMC, Guitar Luthier 

"Try chanting with Patrick or taking his class, or even  spending a few moments in his presence. You'll find yourself smiling and glowing, connecting from deeply within."

- Seth Lieberman, 

"I attended Patrick's Kirtan class on a whim and was shocked at how completely moved I was. Patrick's class helped me cope with the loss of my grandfather and has brought a huge amount of happiness into my life- anyone lucky enough to share Kirtan with Patrick has truly experienced a gift from his soul"

- Ally Nitro

"Playful and eclectic, like Krishna Das meets Jerry Garcia on a balmy and easy tropical retreat"

- Amy Winkler